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Want to pass your CISSP certification ? Looking for professional CISSP training ? At Cosmos Security we offer you professional CISSP Training and help you get your certification which is designed to recognize mastery of the (ISC)2 CISSP CBK. Our CISSP Training and Certification program can enhance your career and provide you with added credibility.

CISSP Exam Structure

The CISSP Certification examination consists of 250 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have up to 6 hours to complete the examination. Ten CISSP information systems security test domains are covered in the examination pertaining to the Common Body of Knowledge:

Access Control:

Access Controls CISSP Domain is a collection of mechanisms that work together to create a security architecture to protect the assets of the information system.

Applications Security:

This CISSP domain addresses the important security concepts that apply to application software development. It outlines the environment where software is designed and developed and explains the critical role software plays in providing information system security.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning:

This CISSP domain addresses the preservation and recovery of business operations in the event of outages.


The CISSP Cryptography domain addresses the principles, means, and methods of disguising information to ensure its integrity, confidentiality and authenticity.

Information Security and Risk Management:

Security Management CISSP domain entails the identification of an organization’s information assets and the development, documentation, and implementation of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Management tools such as data classification and risk assessment/analysis are used to identify threats, classify assets, and to rate system vulnerabilities so that effective controls can be implemented.

Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigation:

This CISSP domain addresses:

  • Computer crime laws and regulations
  • The measures and technologies used to investigate computer crime incidents

Operations Security:

Operations Security CISSP domain is used to identify the controls over hardware, media, and the operators and administrators with access privileges to any of these resources. Audit and monitoring are the mechanisms, tools, and facilities that permit the identification of security events and subsequent actions to identify the key elements and report the pertinent information to the appropriate individual, group, or process.

Physical (Environmental) Security:

The Physical (Environmental) Security CISSP domain provides protection techniques for the entire facility, from the outside perimeter to the inside office space, including all of the information system resources.

Security Architecture and Design:

The CISSP Security Architecture and Design domain contains the concepts, principles, structures, and standards used to design, monitor, and secure operating systems, equipment, networks, applications and those controls used to enforce various levels of availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Telecommunications and Network Security:

The CISSP Telecommunications and Network Security domain discusses the:

  • Network structures
  • ransmission methods
  • Transport formats
  • Security measures used to provide availability, integrity, and confidentiality



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